A Girl with a Big Dream...

The Creation of Ninja Meow Club

Ninja Meow Club was born through the eyes of my 9 year old daughter, wanting to help all children who had been victims of bullying throughout the world. 

On Oct 26th, 2017 after seeing an anti bullying theater piece my daughter, Mia (Nicknamed Meow), and I talked about the show and she asked me “Mami, why were they beating the little mouse and placed him in the locker at his school?” I responded by indicating that the mouse was bullied and bullying is not ok ever. 

And my daughter having the good fortune to attend a Tae Kwon Do studio, she asked next. “Why didn’t the mouse fight back?” To which I replied, “Mia, unfortunately not all parents can afford martial art classes for their kids”

Mia with all the innocence of a child looked into my eyes with a strength characteristic of her and said to me with a mischievous smile as we walked towards our car.....“Mami. I’m going to teach all the children of the world how to defend themselves, so they don’t have to experience bullying ever again”

Her pure motives to help and her desire  to make a difference for those afflicted bullied children brightened my heart with hope and here we are, sharing with you our anti bullying vision. 

Ninja Meow Club

Anti-Bullying Movement

You are Not Alone