Special Thanks

Special Thanks

Dear Ninja Meow Members 

and Supporters,

On behalf of the Ninja Meow Club, we would like to thank all of you for your support, collaboration, and well wishes. 

What started as a thought to make a difference to those children affected by bullying, now has become a movement.

To the Masters, Senseis, and Instructors for your Hard Work, Dedication and Patience to teach our Ninja Meow Friends the right tools to protect themselves from any other Direct or Indirect bullying incident. 

Thank you for all you do .

We would also like to extend Special Thanks to the Parents and Legal Guardians of our Ninja Meow Friends for the love and support you provide to your children. 

Thanks for in trusting us to be a special part of their life. 


Graciella Lee


The Ninja Meow Club